November 24, 2012

Emily's Emporium Etsy Banner

I made this Etsy banner for Emily's Emporium, a lovely little Etsy shop offering personalized bridal hangers, along with various other personalized wedding items. I definitely suggest you take a look around - I have two of their hangers and they do beautiful work!

August 30, 2012

Deo Gloria Stamping Etsy Banner

I made this banner for an Etsy shop offering lovely hand-stamped cards. Be sure to visit the shop and add it to your favorites!

February 25, 2012

Virtuous Girlhood

I had the pleasure of designing Virtuous Girlhood, a blog for young women. I usually don't do Wordpress designs just because they can get very complicated, but because RJ had a very clean and minimalist look in mind, I was able to work with an existing theme, tweaking colors and adding graphic elements. I took some custom photos for this design. I like the cheery, light colors relieved by the bright red. Below is the matching button.  Click either image to visit the site live. Thanks for letting me design your blog, RJ!


October 3, 2011


My dear friends Hannah and Esther wrote a cookbook full of delicious recipes that all include a common ingredient... oats! These girls are seriously talented cooks, not to mention photographers! They did all their own photography for the book. I did the cover for this eBook and also did the interior layout and design. Here's a little peek at the inside to see what kinds of yummy things you can make with oats (if you buy the eBook, of course!):

Be sure to visit their website,, to buy a copy of this cookbook eBook!

June 22, 2011

Path of Grass

This was my first time designing an actual book cover - not an ebook, a real print book! Path of Grass is written by Savannah Liston. Here's a synopsis of the book (sorry, I haven't read it yet so I can't give you a personal "review" on it):
A child believed to be an orphan grows up in a German convent during the turbulent years of Hitler's rise. A newly-wed couple in rural Iowa is separated by World War II, but strangely united through an encounter on the outskirts of a German village. A man trying to rebuild his family and life in America after his wife leaves finds himself imprisoned for an unknown crime. A young woman visiting the United States from war-torn Uzbekistan is told that her family has been killed in a military raid. And not long after she marries an American man her husband mysteriously disappears.
Path of Grass is a story of liberty and courage against tyranny. It is a story of people who chose a journey of individual freedom rather than sacrificing their lives to an oppressive government.
Visit the book website at, and purchase the book here.

March 9, 2011

Crooked Stream - The Blog

This blog was such fun to design! Kami from Crooked Stream wanted a clean and light design with a rustic, vintage flair. I happen to love this style myself so it was loads of fun designing it! Kami also does beautiful photography so head over there and check it out! *Edit: Kami has since combined her blog and wedding site into one, with a new design.*

February 23, 2011

Virtuous Daughters

This was such a fun blog to design! I've wanted to do this style for some time now. I had taken the floral photo last week and when I took it, I had a header in mind and lo and behold! I got to use it this week! Samantha was a model customer and it came together extremely quickly. I also made a button for the site. Click on the images to see it live!

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